I’ve recently booked a trip to India which should be incredible. It’s going to last around 6 to 8 weeks and will mostly be around South India. From what I’ve read and heard, India is a beautiful place with a huge array of sites and activities that can suit almost any visitor. 

However, despite the rave reviews as India for a tourist destination, there are also many warnings about India that could prove to ruin a trip away there. To list a few, there is Delhi belly, extreme heats and robbery on trains. The repeated warnings around the web have left me put off India at times, but I realise it really shouldn’t put me off it a quirky country with plentiful charm. 

What has really helped quell the fear around these dangers is researching what items I can bring along with me that will both protect me from these dangers and enhance my trip on the whole as well. There isn’t a great deal online all in one place of what items may prove useful. Unfortunately, the lists that do exist are often laden with advertisements for products or seem to be lacking. For what it’s worth, I’ve complied a list of useful things to bring to India based on the research I’ve done. I hope it helps a fellow worried traveller! 

Lock and chain – useful for trains so you can lock your bag to the floor and rest knowing it’s going to take a very determined thief to steal your belongings. 

Concealed travel pouch – to hide passport, money and cards.

Rehydration tablets/sachets – to help you recover from any serve stomach related illnesses or sunburn.

Diaroreah tablets – I’m not a big fan of these, but they could prove invaluable if you find yourself on long haul transport.

Hat and sunglasses – it seems obvious but I’ve gone away to some very hot places and forgotten to bring a hat!

Sun tan lotion – it gets very sunny in most places and good quality sun tan lotion won’t always be available. 

Malaria tabs – much of India is safe from the threat of malaria, however, there are small pockets that could infect you on your visit.

Mosquito repellent – to compliment your malaria tablets and prevent irritating itches all over your body.

Travellers cheques – a couple dispersed amongst your belongings in case you lose one of your cards/bags. 

Insurance – in case lots of things go wrong and you end up in a hospital, it’s a good idea to get yourself insured. 

Feel free to add additional items you feel are useful in the comments below. It will certainly help me!